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The Works of Thomas Aquinas in English (Eastern Province Dominicans)

Scholastic’s Bookshelf Series — Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four (Edward Feser)

Ite ad Thomam Out-of-Print Library

Maritain Center Online Archive


Scholasticism (Joseph Rickaby, 1908) — Public Domain

Scholasticism Old and New (Maurice DeWulf, 1907) — Public Domain

The Revival of Scholastic Philosophy (Joseph Louis Perrier, 1909) — Public Domain

The Church of the Word Incarnate (Charles Cardinal Journet, 1955) — Courtesy of EWTN


Inevitable Scholasticism : A Review of Introduction to Scholastic Theology (Thomas Joseph White, 2011) — First Things

In Defense of Scholasticism (Edward Feser, 2015) — Edward Feser’s Blog

“Why Scheeben?” (Bruce Marshall, 2013) — Nova et Vetera

Does Efficient Causation Presuppose Final Causation? (Paul Hoffman, 2009) — UC Riverside Philosophy